Overlook on Pagan Remnants in South Slavic Oral Tradition

  • Germanics Anonymous

    When it comes to specifically the Slavic branch of European polytheism, very little of the polytheistic tradition, or our history as polytheistic tribes and states, was physically recorded. The Slavs did not use their runic writing system (runica) much, nor were they in contact with Roman historians to do the recording for them. The Slavic tradition was oral - passed down in spoken word form as stories, songs, proverbs/sayings, or other folk wisdom. It is important to note that a lot of ritualic practice has been appropriated by Christians and thus survived in a way, but this is a subject for another time. Some of this wisdom was preserved completely untampered with, such as the story of the Drekavac (screecher, screamer) – the Banshee of South Slavic myth – but cases like this are present everywhere.

    Article by Salzstreuer
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