Knut Hamsun Appreciation Thread


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    So I got the book a while ago and it was a pleasant read.

    It takes you astray from the modern, back to the essential things of life.
    Nature, family, autonomy, physical work, etc.
    Furthermore it shows how modernity is corrupt / corrupting humanity.

    Thinking about getting Pan or Hunger has anyone read one of the two, are they good?

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    @ArtairRose wtf someone is shilling G R O W T H more than you?!

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    Going to have to read Growth soon! Hope it's not too hard to get in physical copy. MIght be one to give to the Kids further down the line!

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    I have just finished G R O W T H of The Soil and it is definitely one of the best pieces of literature I have read. It lives up to its name, because the whole story starts from a man going into the wilderness and makes a home and farm for himself. Eventually he is joined by a woman who becomes his partner. So, the main theme is one of self-sufficiency, but also has overtones of simple living or rather primitiveness that civilization cannot compete with or destroy, but only put restraints on and attempt to capitalize off of it. This juxtaposition of the natural way of living with the "civilized" way plays a big role in multiple parts of the book. Of course the former is the one favored by the author for very valid reasons indeed. An interesting critique of Christianity is to be found in it with the society holding to the idea that premarital birth is bad which causes two women to commit infanticide. Personally, I have never thought it was a bad thing, but even today there is a stigma on "illegitimate" children of people even of good racial stock. Anyways, this book is a must read for everyone. Even if you live in a city, then you should read this and consider what life is best for you.

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    @hewstone One to get a hardback copy of?

  • Oh bois,
    getting 3 other HAMSUN books reading 1 of them 2 still to go, guess I found an enjoyable writer for once.
    Lot of stuff that gets praised today is so blatant and empty and use the good ol "They muddy the water, to make it seem deep." tactic (s/o to nietzsche, best quote rt), while Hamsun here and there also uses some symbolism and writes often indirect, its clear that it isn't meaningless bs.
    I read "Frost" by Thomas Bernhard two or three years ago, its so full of "symbolism" and then you try to guess what he is on about, until you find out, that it is just his personal "poetic" writing style and completely meaningless.

    Edit: Ok, sorry for buthering bernhard's book, its atmospheric and enjoyable, but I expected more.

  • "The Negros are and will remain Negros, a nascent human form from the tropics, rudimentary organs on the body of white society. Instead of founding an intellectual elite, America has established a mulatto studfarm." - Knut Hamsun ("The Culture of Life in Modern America", 1889)

  • So, I've read Mysteries a few days ago and it was great. I'm not sure if I should give you a summary and some good quotes (its full of them), it would be a bit difficult, because I off course read it in my native tongue and I doubt I could find all of them in English.

    Also reading Victoria right now, its really short. You could read it in a day, but I got distracted with other work. Its just a little love story, typical like in "The Sorrows of Young Werther" triangle relationship type thing. (Same thing also in Mysteries.)

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