Baron Giulio Cesare Andrea Evola - Reading List

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    Most who will recomend reading Evola will sometimes recomend his great works such as 'Ride the Tiger', 'Revolt Against the Modern World', and 'Men Among the Ruins' yet stop there and do not continue. To read these books alone will give the average reader an emense portion of knowledge to comprehend and are good enough to stand alone, however knowing the context of Evola will give the reader far greater understanding. Evola was a researcher, something most people do not understand of him, things he wrote about are not his invention or intellectual property, it's research of ancient knowledge and the translation of it into comprehensible terms. An issue that arises from Evola's books are the translations to English from his native Italian which can skew the meaning, literary style, and context within ideas.

    This list is created to give credence to the average reader that he may know far more than his peers on the subject that is Evola. This list is catagorized by subject matter but should be read from top to bottom. This list by no means involves Evola's entire works as it would be impossible to list them all and ask you to read without first telling you to learn Italian.

    -Spiritual Subjects-
    Mysteries of the Grail (good way of easing into the subject matter Evola will expand upon)
    Hermetic Tradition (very difficult read and takes effort but it creates a strong point of reference to continue his other works)
    Introduction to Magic (a collection of articles, not just Evola's but it was his group that wrote them)
    Meditations on the Peaks (creates a good aesthetic vibe that surounds the core essence of what Evola wrote about)
    Doctrine of Awakening (optional - analysis on old Buddhist texts)
    Yoga of Power (optional - analysis on Hindu self mastery)

    -Earth Subjects-
    The Metaphysics of Sex (the metaphysical relationship of the sexes that exists outside our daily interactions)
    The Metaphysics of War (the sacred character of war and the effect on men through heroism and tradition)
    Fascism viewed from the Right (criticism of Mussolini brand fascism which allow us to make improvements)
    A Traditionalist Confronts Fascism (a companion book to FvftR but focuses on the many growing forms of fascism including the Third Reich, Iron Guard, Japanese Imperialism, ect)
    Heathen Imperialism (the BEST pre-read to understanding Revolt Against the Modern World)
    The Elements of Racial Education (examination on the meaning of race within tradition and spirit)

    -The Big Ones-
    Revolt Against the Modern World
    Men Among the Ruins
    Ride the Tiger
    The Bow and Club (a follow up to RoT)
    The Path of Cinnabar (autobiography)

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    Finishing up Path of Awakening and feeling that it is fairly vital rather than optional, but that's me.
    I suppose it is quite true that only some will have an interest in Buddhism.

    Nice list though. I'm psyched to read some of his just-translated things.
    I also need to get to Met. of Sex, Met. of War, Yoga of Power, Intro to Magic and Med. on the Peaks.
    And to finish Cinnabar...

    Oh and Handbook For a Right Wing Youth -- is that not on the list?

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    link to dope audiobook recording of Mystery of the Grail for people who wanna get started:

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