What did you last read? What did you think?

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    The book I've read and finished most recently was The Lightning and the Sun by Savitri Devi.


    First published in 1958, the author outlines her philosophy and critique of the modern world. The main and recurring theme throughout the book is that of cyclical history instead of linear. The author evaluates on the concept of 'ages' or 'yugas', Kali Yuga being the one we find ourselves in, a Dark Age. Devi uses three historical characters as an example of a Man in Time, a Man Above Time and a Man Against Time. Those are Genghis Khan, Akhnaton and Adolf Hitler respectively.

    There is also a concept of Lighting and Sun. Lightning being the destructive force that furthers decay. Here, Devi cites Genghis Khan as an example of furious Lightning, because of his war-like attitude, attrocities commited, the brutality of his army and the sheer size of the Mongol Empire under his guidance. Sun being the creative and life-affirming qualities. Here, Devi cites Akhnaton as an example of life-giving Sun, because of his attempt at escaping the Kali Yuga and trying to create a society with Golden Age/Satya Yuga features within the current time cycle.

    Devi's assesment of the final historical figure in her book, Adolf Hitler, places him as a synergy of both Lighting and Sun. His aim, as a Man Against Time, is to fight historical decay by using violent, Kali Yuga methods to achieve a Satya Yuga state of existence. In Devi's eyes, the reason for the Third Reich's failure in World War 2 is the fact that Adolf Hitler is not a man, but the 9th avatar of Vishnu. The One Before the Last. The final avatar of Vishnu is said to be Kalki, who is to come at the end of this cycle and usher a new Golden Age.

    Overall, I rate this /esoteric/ read as a solid 8/10. It made a lot of sense to me despite my initial doubts towards more esoteric sorts of literature. A very good introduction to Devi's work and I'm definitely looking forward to reading more from her.

    In my upcoming 'reviews' or I should say 'reading logs', I'll also include the quotes that really caught my attention. I've only begun highlighting all the interesting quotes with my current reading of Mein Kampf, I sadly haven't done it for Lighting and the Sun.

    kalki pls come

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    @ravo I hear it's a great read but drags on in some sections like the detail on Khan, including things like his favourite colour!

    It's on my list to read eventually but to be honest not too soon.

  • Gods, Sages and Kings (Ancient Secrets of Vedic Civilization) by Dr. David Frawley. Its a free PDF online, great source on the ancient Vedic religion and Vedic civilization!

  • Listened to a 1984 audiobook at work, if that counts.
    Felt bad, man.

  • Great Slavdom

    Finished Faust by Johann Wolfgang Goethe today.

  • @Stribor I'm reading Faust right now! Eritis sicut deus, hehe.

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    @johnmcgee14 Faust is a great book. I've always loved it.


  • Industrial Society and Its Future
    great perspective on tech, but seems to suffer from hybris or something else, as if great sudden revolutions come from the people, uses french and russian revolutions as examples, both were made by elites

    How to be a good boy for japanese Aristocrats, basic behavior norms, also go succ that old man dick

    LOGH 1. Volume
    kinda disappointed there were less lowtier basic liberal narratives in the anime 😕 and also characters are also worse, no wonder no one cared about the books, but the anime is a classic, got a bit better at the last chapters, no idea if i will continue reading it / also there were misspellings in it, as if no one check read it.

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  • @siegward doesnt ted say that the revolution will come from the small intellectual class though? I may be thinking of another one of his essays

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